Pool Openings

What's Included In Opening


  • Cleaning & removal of winter safety cover
  • Clean & roll water bags
  • Remove winterizing plugs
  • Install all plugs
  • Reassemble pool equipment
  • (ladder, railings, lights etc.)
  • Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater
  • Pool Opening Kit (Includes: Stain & Scale, Algaecide, Shock)


*Extra Charge: Chemicals required to balance water chemistry (Alkalinity, PH, Sulfuric Acid, and Hardness)


*Extra Charge: Priming and starting pool, travel surcharge for outside of the KW, Cambridge and Guelph area, Significant debris/leaves.

Pool Closings

Let us take the pain out of closing your pool. Make sure it's not going to be damaged by our severe winters, we take every precaution to make sure your equipment is tucked in for the winter and ready for the spring.

What's Included In Closing


  • Drain water level appropriately.
  • Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eyeballs, etc.
  • Blow out lines
  • Foam rope installed in skimmer and winterizing antifreeze added into pipes (If requested)
  • Step ladders removed and bolts greased.
  • Add closing chemicals.
  • Install winter cover & water bags.
  • Winterize pool pump, filter, heater
  • Place pool deck accessories in your desired location
  • Remove pump if requested


*Extra Charge: to winterize Water Falls($25), Solar Panels($25), and Spillover Spa($100)

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