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Best Pool Supplies Every Pool Owner Needs

Best Pool Supplies Every Pool Owner Needs

Owning a pool is a big responsibility. There are rules you need to follow and steps you must take to ensure the safety of everyone around and make your pool experience a positive one. Pools can be dangerous if the proper procedures are not followed, but the right rules and proper supplies will help you care for your pool and allow you to enjoy it worry-free!

There are countless pool supplies out there and while it’s good to have a number of tools at home, there are certain ones that are an absolute must. The following are the top pool supplies that every pool owner needs:

  1. Water test strips. Always have a pack of water test strips handy so that you can dip the strips directly into your pool water to see the chemical levels in your pool. These strips are pretty accurate so you can complete a test once a week to make sure your water is clean and see that there is a healthy balance of chemicals.
  2. Chlorine. This is the most common chemical that is added to pools. It helps keep the water balanced and makes sure your pool is safe to swim in. 
  3. Telescoping pole. You never want your pool water to collect debris and develop algae, so you must skim, brush and vacuum your pool regularly to prevent this from happening. In order to complete these tasks, you will need a telescoping pole which is essential for all pool owners. This tool consists of a simple metal pole that can be extended so that you can reach every area of your pool. This tool is very helpful and convenient as it allows you to complete this task without having to constantly change where you’re standing.
  4. A skimmer. This is a tool that attaches to the telescoping pole and is a net that helps collect things like leaves, twigs and any other debris floating around in your pool. You will use this tool several times a week, so make sure your skimmer is made of good quality materials. 
  5. A safety cover. This is strongly recommended for the months that your pool is not in use. They are available in different materials such as mesh and solid covers and will prevent heavy items from falling through it, including children and pets, so it’s a great safety precaution and perfect for your peace of mind. 

These are just some of the items that every pool owner should have. For more information regarding the safety and maintenance of your pool, contact KW Pool Solutions today! They can help with pool repairs and maintenance services in the Waterloo region. If you want to enjoy your pool and worry less, call KW Pool Solutions today!

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