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Four Winter Pool Care Tips To Ensure A Clean Late Spring Opening

Four Winter Pool Care Tips To Ensure A Clean Late Spring Opening

Whether you’ve become a recent pool owner or have had a swimming pool for several years, it’s important to understand that pool care doesn’t end when the pool closes! The off-season, which is between fall to early spring, requires pool responsibilities, even if you’re not diving inside it. Regular pool maintenance, even in the winter season, is necessary to keep your pool in top condition and save you the potential repair costs that can occur if a pool is neglected.

Time to add pool care to your winter checklist? KW Pool Solutions makes it easy for you! Check out our straightforward guide on the four off-season pool care tips to follow this winter.

1. Use A Mid-Winter Algaecide

A mid-winter algaecide is extremely effective in eliminating and preventing all algae from developing for the entire duration of winter. Add algaecide to your pool water and pump for a full 24 hours to fully circulate the formula. Investing in winterizing pool algaecide helps keep other winter pool chemicals working effectively. By using this product, opening the pool during the swimming season will be far easier.

2. Keep The Pool Cover Clean

Having a winter cover on your pool is absolutely crucial. However, it’s far less effective in protecting the pool if it is never cleaned. Tree branches, dirt and other wildlife are bound to fall onto the pool cover. Ensure you remove them as soon as possible to avoid damage to the cover and exposure to the inside of the pool or potential harm to children and pets. Use an air pillow winter pool cover, which protects the pool from winter conditions and keeps water and debris away from the pool and to the side. 

3. Switch To ‘Winter Mode’

Switch your pool over to winter mode entirely for the duration of the season. If you have a solar pool heater, it may have an automatic controller that can do this. This can also reduce energy costs significantly, to as much as 80%.

4. Add Chlorine

Adding chlorine to the pool along with the winterizing pool algaecide is essential to ensure a clean opening by spring. It’s important not to add too much chlorine, and to check the chlorine levels throughout the winter to ensure the pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. This means the water is at a safe, regulated pH to swim in, as well as look at! Leaving the pool untreated without chlorine or algaecide care will make it the perfect home for bacteria and algae to form and turn the pool green. 
KW Pool Solutions is your solution for all pool repair and maintenance services in Waterloo. For your pool’s chemical needs this winter, we have everything from algaecide to chlorine and shock to winterize your pool. Need additional pool repairs? We offer pool installation and repairs for every project! Don’t forget to call us to open your pool for the swimming season at (519) 588-1861!

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