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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe over the Winter?

How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe over the Winter?

Summer is out and so is outdoor pool season, unfortunately. It’s that time of the year to winterize your pool and protect your investment. This means more than just covering it to protect it from debris, snow, animals and contaminants. Your pool needs to be looked after during hibernation to keep it in good condition next spring. There are a few steps to do it effectively:

Add Algaecides

Before you close your pool, it’s important to add algaecides to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. These biocidal properties keep off micro-organisms that can infect your pool when it is left unattended for long periods of time. There is no water circulating in the winter, so the free chlorine no longer keeps germs off. During winterization, add algaestat or algaecide a day or two ahead of closing for long-lasting protection. It needs time to circulate properly to work effectively. 

Add Chlorine

You could add chlorine to the water before closing it, but refrain from adding too much. It may end up bleaching the pool liner. Before you open it again during springtime, vacuum the pool with the filter, setting it to the waste position to suck away all dirt and debris before filling it with water again. If the water appears green, give it time to clear up. It could take a few hours or a few days. If required, add more chlorine and algaecide and vacuum the floor of the pool a second time in the spring. 

Drain The Water

Don’t forget to drain the pool water while winterizing or your pipes and pool equipment can freeze and crack. That would cost you a considerable amount to fix. Drain the water below the skimmer or water may enter and freeze in there.

Pool Safety Cover

The most effective way to keep out dirt and debris when the pool is not in use is by using a safety cover. To keep the pool covers clean, just hose them off with water when required. A mesh top-cover is able to catch leaves and larger debris for easier removal. Keep the safety cover clean by connecting it to an air pillow in the middle. This serves as a protection from snow and ice damage by pushing debris and water towards the sides so spring clean-up is easier. 

Enzyme Chemicals

Enzyme chemicals treat contamination from elements such as pollen and bird droppings that can slip through mesh pool covers. Enzymes break down the compounds and clean up the residue from unclean watermark so there is less cleaning in the spring. When it’s time to open the pool again, don’t wait for the weather to get too warm. Fungi and algae multiply faster in warmer weather. Treat the water before the days get sunnier. 

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