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Leaving Water in Your Pool Throughout Winter?

Leaving Water in Your Pool Throughout Winter?

It’s a common misconception that you need to drain the majority of the water before closing it up for the winter. However, completely draining your pool puts the liner at risk of tearing, ripping and additional damage from winter debris. The liner will also be vulnerable to shrinking, cracking and drying out. Leaving water in your pool over the colder months will protect the liner. Whichever pool cover you’ve installed will impact how much water can be left in the pool itself.

But do you leave the pool completely full of water before closing it up for the season? Half full, with water that’s been sitting there for weeks or months? These are the questions we’ll answer as we go through the proper way to seal your pool for winter.

Pool Protection

Leaving water in your pool protects the liner from the destructive elements of winter. Many believe that it’s necessary to drain your pool completely to keep it from partially freezing. However, adding the proper winterizing chemicals to your water will keep organic matter and other natural substances from growing and staining your pool throughout the season. It’s also a good idea to add chlorine shock, stain prevention and algaecide to your pool to keep the water as clean as possible. This easy step will make reopening your pool once spring arrives a breeze.

Draining the Water

If you have an inground pool, drain enough water so it sits below skimmer level. This way, you’ll be able to clear out the plumbing system, emptying the water to avoid having the lines freeze and burst. Some above-ground pools have pumps that are removable. If that’s the case, then drain a bit of water out so the lines have room to expand and contract during the winter. Once you’ve drained the necessary amount of water, secure the pool cover and you’re good to go.

Store Your Pool Away?

Some above-ground pools offer you the option of taking it down and storing it elsewhere during the winter months. If you have one of those and don’t want to have it up during the season, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the proper way close and store the pool until spring arrives. These pools aren’t meant to be permanent fixtures throughout the year, so unless the manufacturer states otherwise, safely tearing it down may be your only option when it comes to keeping it damage-free.

It’s Hard Work

Owning a pool isn’t easy. Unless you hire someone to maintain the pool for you, you’ll have to invest some time into making sure your investment lasts as long as possible. However, by properly closing your pool for the season, it’ll make your job of reopening it much easier in the months to come.

At Pool Solutions, our highly trained team puts customer service above all else, while offering them the best in pool equipment, supplies and assistance. Located in Waterloo, Ontario, not only do we help you in store, but we provide off-site repair, installation and maintenance services as well. Be sure to call us or visit our store, we’d be happy to handle any pool related needs you may have.

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