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Protecting Your Pool Cover During The Winter Season In 4 Steps

Protecting Your Pool Cover During The Winter Season In 4 Steps

Thought you winterized your pool already by applying that pool cover? The truth is if your pool cover isn’t protected from the winter weather, your pool protection methods will likely be ineffective. Now that the summer swim days are over and days spent tobogganing have taken its place, your pool is set for hibernation mode over the following few months. Your pool cover is the first line of defense in protecting your pool against harsh winter elements, but it needs protection too!

How do you protect your pool cover this winter? Look no further than KW Pool Solutions handy four-step guide on winterizing your pool below.

1. Secure The Pool Cover 

If your pool cover is not securely tied down for the winter, it could come off and leave your pool exposed to winter conditions. Use stakes to tie down the cover into the grass or the landscape in the immediate area. Both above ground and inground pools need to have their pool cover secured. Ensure you have a sturdy setup and high-quality pool cover to protect your pool all winter long. Using sandbags to keep the cover secure and weigh down the cover can also be a sensible and cost-effective protection method.

2. Invest In A Winter Cover Pump

The winter pool cover prevents snow, ice, rain, and leaves from getting inside your pool. However, once these elements land on the cover, they will remain there until they are removed. A winter cover pump keeps the winter debris from building up and weighing the cover down by pumping the elements out into your yard from the cover. It keeps melted snow and ice from damaging the cover to keep it airtight. Allow the ice to melt on the cover before you try to remove it. 

3. Have A Pool Fence Installed

Having a durable pool fence installed around your pool will prevent animals from attempting to get onto the pool cover. If an animal scratches, pokes or damages the pool cover in any way, it can leave an opening in the cover which will let any snow, rain, hail or ice get in the pool’s interior and damage it. A pool fence that is about five or six feet tall should adequately keep most animals out of the pool area and keep the cover safe. 

4. Apply A Swimming Pool Leaf Net

If there are trees hanging over or surrounding your pool area, branches and leaves will fall on the cover and can damage it. Buy a swimming pool leaf net to go over the pool cover, which will catch leaves and small branches that you can easily remove. 

KW Pool Solutions http://kwpoolsolutions.com/will ensure your pool is closed effectively and protected from severe winter elements. Our pool repair and maintenance professionals will make winterizing your pool easy and closing prompt. Keep your pool safe until the summer season and give us a call or visit our store today!

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