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Spring is finally in full swing, if you’re remodelling your pool, here are some cool ideas!

Spring is finally in full swing, if you’re remodelling your pool, here are some cool ideas!

Whether your old pool could use some sprucing up, or you have moved into a new house with a pool that does not quite meet your needs or desires, there are a lot of low-cost pool renos that you can do that will make your pool look great! Not only are some remodels and renos low-cost, but many of them that are not merely cosmetic that can save you money down the line. Here are our top seven remodels that you can do to make your pool look great without breaking the bank!

Pool Resurfacing

If your pool needs to be resurfaced, which is not the cheapest thing to do, you have a chance to change the look of your pool. Instead of a standard plaster finish, many people are going for aggregate finishes which feature stones, shells, and other materials to give it a unique look.  

LED Lighting

If you have basic pool lights, then it may be time to get an upgrade. While the upfront cost is not insignificant, you do make up for it with the energy savings that you will have. Coming in a variety of colours, these lights are a great way to add some fun to your backyard oasis.

Water Features

While not at all necessary, fun water features like waterfalls, sprayers, and scuppers are reasonably easy to add to the current pool design. They add to the overall aesthetic of the space and can be a lot of fun for those playing in the pool!

Automation Systems

There are a lot of new high-tech equipment for pools that make the life of a pool owner easier. Robot cleans, automatic pool covers, and complete automation systems can all be retrofitted into pools that sport older technology. Some of these new technologies can even be controlled through your smartphone!

Salt Water Systems

While not a cosmetic change, getting a salt water system instead of a freshwater system can be a great change instead of traditional freshwater/chlorine pools. Salt water pools create chlorine in the water naturally so that you do not have to do it yourself, saving you money in the future as salt water pools are easier and less expensive to maintain.  

Waterline Tiles

The waterline tile that you may currently have could be pretty dated. Updating it, especially if you are getting your pool resurfaced, will give your pool a brand new look. Trading out the new for something contemporary, sleek, and that suits your tastes better will give you a pool that you love.

Energy Efficient Equipment

It is always a good idea to install upgrades that will allow you to save money. Money which can go towards more fun upgrades down the line. Consider getting a variable speed pool pump, efficient filters, and solar-powered features that will enable you to save money throughout pool season.

The team at KW Pool Solutions wants to help you get your pool up and running this spring so that you can get down to enjoying your pool as soon as possible. Specializing in pool openings, cleaning, repairs, and closing, we want to help you enjoy your pool for as long as the year will let you. Contact us today and we will get you swimming in no time.

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